Idea Connections Chart

Sometimes I hear or read a neat position on ethics, beliefs or some other perpetually perplexing domain of human life. Something in the vein of: "I think you can believe whatever you want so long as you don't hurt anyone", or "Religion is just a justification for States to conduct war for territory and resources." Ok, fair enough, but a part of me inside always says: "Hmm? Is that really so?"

And then I hear it again. And again. I wonder how the position can be deepened, or clarified or rejected in light of a connection with another field of inquiry. In the rabbit warren that is the Internet, with all its twists and turns, there are some examples of tackling these connections.

This is my effort at doing so; visually. You'll find here some future directions for my writing, and notes and links for what I've written so far. It's a different way of reading, and of teaching myself. And, keeping with the rabbit metaphor, there could always be potential to go down a rabbit hole in the future.

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